Novels Online

Novels-On-Line is an ongoing project making freely accessible full-text transcripts of some of the rarest works in the Chawton House Library collection. These texts, which explore such broad-ranging themes as satire, slavery, marriage, witchcraft and piracy, signal the rich texture and innovative character of women’s writing in the period 1600 to 1830. In bringing these little-known novels to a wider audience, it is hoped to stimulate interest in these works amongst a new generation of readers and to encourage critical scholarship of some of the more obscure texts and authors represented in the collection.

Please note that the texts are completely unedited and have been copied from the originals as accurately as possible. Even obvious printer errors have been retained.


Anonymous novels

Please note that the texts are completely unedited and have been copied from the originals as accurately as possible. Even obvious printer errors have been retained.

A New Atalantis, for the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty, 1760 

A Tale, for Gentle and Simple, 1815

Ashton Priory, 1792

The Cautious Lover, 1772

The Cruel Husband; or, Devonshire Tragedy, [180-]

The Death of Grimaldi, or the Fatal Secret, 1818 

De Montmorency: a Novel Founded on Recent Fact, 1790

He Would be a Peer, 1798

The History of Lord Clayton and Miss Meredith1771

The History of Miss Sally Johnson; or, the Unfortunate Magdalen, [17-?]

The Imposters Detected, 1760

The Lord of Hardivyle, an Historical Legend of the Fourteenth Century, 1800

Mary, the Maid of the Inn, 1824

Malouka; or the Pious Mussulman, [ca.1810]

The Monk and the Vine-dresser: or, the Emigrants of Bellesme, 1809 

The Oracle; or, the Friend of Youth, 1816

Prepossession; or, Memoirs of Count Touloussin, 1792

The Reward of Virtue; or, the History of Miss Polly Graham, 1769 

The Suspicious Lovers, 1777

Three Weeks in the Downs, or Conjugal Fidelity Rewarded: exemplified in the Narrative of Helen and Edmund, 1829

The Village Coquette, 1822 

Yamboo; or, the North American Slave, 1812


Novels and Plays, Alphabetical


Penelope Aubin, The Life of Charlotta Du Pont, an English Lady, 1723

Penelope Aubin, The Inhuman Stepmother, or the History of Miss Harriot Montague, 1770

Caroline Baker, Drawing-Room Tales. The Stout Gentleman; The Deserter; and The Broken Heart, [1830?] 

Aphra Behn, The Rover; or, the Banish’d Cavaliers, 1729.

Anna Maria Bennett, Agnes De-Courci: a Domestic Tale, 1789

Mary Ann Canning, The Offspring of Fancy, 1778

Mrs. Carver, The Old Woman, 1800 

Mary Charlton, The Parisian; or, Genunine Anecdotes of Distinguished and Noble Characters, 1794 

Harriet Cheney, A Peep at the Pilgrims , 1825 

Maria Susanna Cooper, The Wife; or, Caroline Herbert ,1813

Helen Craik, Stella of the North, or the Foundling of the Ship ,1802 

Mrs. E.M. Foster, The Corinna of England, and a Heroine in the Shade: a Modern Romance, 1809

Mrs. E.M. Foster, Substance and Shadow; or, the Fisherman’s Daughter of Brighton, 1812

Sarah Green, Romance Readers and Romance Writers: a Satirical Novel, 1810 

Jane Harvey, Any Thing But What You Expect ,1819 

Jane Harvey, The Castle of Tynemouth. A Tale, 1830 

Anne Julia Kemble Hatton, Lovers and Friends; or, Modern Attachments, 1821 

Elizabeth Helme, Magdalen; or, the Penitent of Godstow, 1812 

Anne Hughes, Caroline; or, the Diversities of Fortune, 1787

Rachel Hunter, The Unexpected Legacy, 1804 

Frances Jacson, Isabella. A Novel, 1823 

Frances Jacson, Things By Their Right Names, 1812 

Mrs. Johnson, Francis, the Philanthropist: an unfashionable tale, 1786 

Marie-Madeleine Pioche de la Verne La Fayette, The Princess of Cleves. An Historical Novel, 1777 

Alicia LeFanu, Leolin Abbey, 1819

Alethea Lewis, Vicissitudes in Genteel Life, 1794

Martha-Elizabeth Leycester, The Cottage of Friendship, 1788

Anna Maria Mackenzie, Monmouth: a Tale, Founded on Historic Facts, 1790 

Anna Maria Mackenzie, The Irish Guardian, or, Errors of Eccentricity, 1809 

Mrs. Martin, The Enchantress; or, Where Shall I Find Her? A Tale, 1801 

Mrs. Mathews, Simple Facts or the History of an Orphan, 1793

Agnes Musgrave, The Solemn Injunction, 1798 

Elizabeth Purbeck and Jane Purbeck, Honoria Sommerville, 1789 

Catherine Selden, Villasantelle; or the Curious Impediment, 1817 

Elizabeth Isabella Spence, The Curate and His Daughter, a Cornish Tale, 1813 

Elizabeth (Byron) Strutt, Drelincourt and Rodalvi; or, Memoirs of Two Nobel Families, 1807 

Augusta Amelia Stuart, Cava of Toledo; or, the Gothic Princess, 1812 

Jane Taylor, Display: a Tale, 1823

Jane Taylor, Rachel: a Tale, 1817 

Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins, The Victim of Fancy, 1787 

Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson, The Castle of Montabino, [1809]

Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson, The Castle of Oravilla, [1810?]

Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson, The Child of Mystery, 1808

Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson, The Sorcerer’s Palace, [1805?]

Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson, The Tragical History of Miss Jane Arnold, [1843]

Harriette Wilson, Paris Lions and London Tigers, 1825