The Female Spectator

The Female Spectator is a quarterly publication produced by Chawton House Library, containing articles on women writers and their work in the long eighteenth century, as well as news about activities at the Library.

A full listing of the The Female Spectator is avaliable as a PDF:  1995-1999; 2000-2009; 2010+

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Back issues cost £3.50 incl. p&p and individual articles are available as photocopies from the issues now out of print at £1.50 incl. p&p.

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A limited number of back copies of the The Female Spectatorare avaliable for PDF download.

Volume 1 No.1 1995.

Volume 1 No.2 1996.

Volume 1 No.3 1996

Volume 2 No.2 1997

Volume 8 No.1 2003

Volume 11 No.3 2007

Volume 12 No.1 2008.

Volume 12 No.2 2008.

Volume 12 No.3 2008

Volume 12 No.4 2008

Volume 13 No.1 2009

Volume 13 No.2 2009  {Printed in error as volume 14}

Volume 13 No.3 2009

Volume 13 No.4 2009

Volume 14 No.2 2010

Volume 14 No.3 2010