The Female Spectator

The Female Spectator is a quarterly publication produced by Chawton House Library, containing articles on women writers and their work in the long eighteenth century, as well as news about activities at the Library.  The Female Spectator is named after Eliza Haywood’s publication of the same name.  Haywood’s journal was the first magazine by and for women, and was widely read.  Haywood was familiar with the challenges of life for women within a patriarchal system, but she wrote to show how not to accept such difficulties as a definition of women’s possibilities.

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A limited number of back copies of the The Female Spectator are available for PDF download.

Volume 1 No.1 1995.

Volume 1 No.2 1996.

Volume 1 No.3 1996

Volume 2 No.2 1997

Volume 8 No.1 2003

Volume 12 No.1 2008.

Volume 12 No.2 2008.

Volume 12 No.3 2008

Volume 12 No.4 2008

Volume 13 No.1 2009

Volume 13 No.2 2009

Volume 13 No.3 2009

Volume 13 No.4 2009

Volume 14 No.2 2010

Volume 14 No.3 2010